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Graduate Trainees

If you have just graduated or have been working and now thinking about a career in recruitment, Turnaround HRM can help you find the perfect recruitment role. We have been recruiting recruiters for recruitment companies (that’s a bit of a mouthful) for almost 10 years, so we know who to talk to about you!

Making a move into recruitment, you need to make sure that the first role you get is going to be the one that provides you will solid training and development, some say they do but the reality can be very different.

In general, and there are definitely exceptions to this, most recruitment companies will look for some typical skills and or experience from anyone coming in to meet with them for an interview. If you are new to working life, you’re not off the hook and will still need to demonstrate what skills you can bring to an employer.

Some of the skills and experience particularly useful to a career in recruitment:

  • Strong Communication Skills – both written and oral
  • Commercially aware – have an understanding about business specifically in relation to a service industry
  • Sales experience – this can be telephone sales, cold calling and / or business to business sales (B2B). If you have business to customer (B2C) sales experience, this can be valuable but you will need to understand and verbalise the sales process – not just describe a customer coming into a shop and asking to buy something so you sell it to them.
  • Personality – this always helps!
One of the key things you should look for from a recruitment company, is the depth of knowledge at a management level within the business and specifically; are there people within the business that you can learn from and who can introduce you to valuable and important network contacts? This is why contacting Turnaround HRM should be one of the first things you do when you are looking to start your career in recruitment.

Training & Development
We know which recruitment companies will provide you with the right training and career development. So you should talk to us first.

Knowledge is a very powerful tool – make sure you start your recruitment career with the right company, a company with knowledge and experience at every level.

Join a stable recruitment company
Again, this is where working with Turnaround HRM will help you. We know which organisations keep and retain their staff – you don’t want to join a recruitment company with high staff turnover.

If you are a Graduate or thinking about a career change and happy to start as a trainee, give your local Turnaround office a call, our contact details are on our Home Page.

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