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Knowledge is a powerful thing, and having up to date knowledge and information is key to staying ahead of the competition.

Turnaround is one of the leading providers of up to date and current market knowledge in relation to the Recruitment and Human Resources industries. Our team conducts monthly, independent Research Projects that explore opinions offered and held by professionals within the HR and Recruitment Industries. The information gathering process is comprehensive and confidential with results being collated and published in various national publications and industry journals. The research findings provide readers with an invaluable insight into the current market.

HRPO are also engaged by various companies to conduct sector specific Research Projects. One such current relates to ‘Managing Consultant Turnover within the Recruitment Sector’. The results of which are then being collated and presented for the Recruitment Extra Industry Management Forum to be held in June.

To be included in this research project please click the link below or if you have any further questions contact the HRPO team.

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