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Investors In People

In 2007 Turnaround decided as a company to work towards the internationally recognised; ‘Investor In People’ standard which is seen as a strategic framework to support the growing business through its people and a noted point of difference for Turnaround would be to become the first Australian recruitment and HR service provider to be recognised as an Investor in People. The accreditation supports the current business structure, people strategies and future growth opportunities, with the main focus being ‘People’ and this meant that everyone within the R2R, HRM and HRPO business had their part to play in the assessment. The assessment is not a test on the individual but an assessment as to how Turnaround helps you grow as an individual including:

  • Planning development strategies to improve performance.
  • The action taken to implement and carry out plans.
  • Reviewing and evaluating performance.
  • Having a clearly articulated vision or purpose for Turnaround ensuring that everyone understands the business priorities and what part they play in the generation of new business and revenue opportunities.
  • Having a culture of high performance and quality people, where people are developed effectively in order to improve performance.
  • Ensuring that there is clarity in the roles and responsibilities of all staff and that everyone understands this.
  • People development is targeted to the needs of the business to ensure appropriate skills and knowledge is attained by all people and focuses on the impact this is having on performance.
  • Communication is effective in providing relevant and timely information.
Turnaround was successful in securing the Investor in People accreditation. The assessor from Investors in People also stated out of over one hundred corporate assessments he had run for the standard, Turnaround was the first company he had recommended for accreditation following the initial assessment.

This demonstrates a clear point of difference in the way that Turnaround develops and supports its own people.
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