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The Turnaround Group has developed an extensive national and international network of clients and candidates and is ideally positioned to assist you in a move overseas or if you are looking to come to Australia to work.

Work Overseas
It’s a big old world out there and the process of finding a new job in another Country can be a huge and daunting task!

Take some of the trauma out of the process, and have a chat with one of our consultants in the Rec2Rec team. The majority of our consultants have at one stage or another worked overseas and well equipped to help you through the process of firstly identifying the right company to work for and then secondly, the right person to be talking to

Efficient & Targeted Approach
Our process is efficient and targeted – we focus on getting you the job you want with the right company to support your career. We work across the UK and Europe and have access to many of the leading recruitment practices in the region.

We know who to talk to
We always speak to our contacts overseas before we send through your details, so there is no chance that your Resume and personal details will be sitting on a client’s e-mail or fax for anyone to open and view – your confidentiality is assured.

We understand the market conditions
Making a move overseas can be an expensive process, so you don’t want to find yourself worse off financially – let’s face it, we like the rewards recruitment brings!
Talk to Turnaround Rec2Rec when you first start thinking about a move overseas and we can provide you with some pretty valuable local market research to help you prepare for the move.

And when you decide to come back home….
We will be here to get you back into the Australian recruitment market and back onto the beach.

Coming to Australia
Life’s a beach, and this is no more widely accepted than in Australia.

Putting aside the obvious regarding lifestyle, if you are thinking about a move to Australia or the Asia Pacific region (NZ, Singapore, Hong Kong, China or Japan), you need to be prepared as literally hundreds of recruiters attempt the move every year and don’t make it.

First things first…
Be sure about what you want to do, and that you actually want to come to Australia for more than just a year. We speak to a lot of recruiters who still haven’t made up their mind about when and where, you need to make a conscious commitment! Job tenure in Australia and Asia is typically longer than Europe and changing jobs after a year isn’t viewed positively unless you have really good reasons to do so.

Be prepared to get on a plane before you get the all important job offer
Only a very small percentage of recruitment and HR professionals actually secure a role before they arrive, so you need to be prepared to get on a plane and travel to meet you prospective employer.

If you have your trip booked and haven’t spoken to Turnaround yet, give us a call and perhaps we can increase your opportunity of finding the right role for you.

Understand the local pay structures
A move to Australia from the UK for example, doesn’t mean that your salary will be 2.5 times more (the average exchange rate from UK pounds to Australian dollars 1:2.5), you need to be aware of what the local market is paying for recruitment and HR professionals with your skills and experience. The Turnaround Rec2Rec and HRM teams will be able to provide you with a comprehensive update on the market you want to enter.

Local market knowledge
The process of gaining local market knowledge doesn’t take long, but gaining access to a new market you are unfamiliar with can often mean that the role you get overseas is at a lower level than the one you had at home. If you are serious about a move overseas and can back your ability to learn and grow, this isn’t a problem for most.

Understand the costs involved
Whilst the cost of living overseas can be lower, continued economic growth across Asia and the Asia Pacific region means that things aren’t as cheap as they were. Look at all the costs involved in a move, for example; Travel costs, Interest Rates and Rental Accommodation. Arriving new to a country may also mean that you may not be able to get a local currency Credit Card for a period of time, so you need to think about how you will support yourself without those extra funds available to you.

Who’s hiring?
Turnaround Rec2rec has been established for almost 10 years and has built established and trusted relationships with the management teams of the leading recruitment companies across the region.

The right overseas role for you
This shouldn’t be about finding a role at any price, but unfortunately some Rec2Rec’s will send you to the clients they have ‘special deals with’.

Turnaround Recruitment does not endorse the use of Preferred Supplier Agreements by recruitment companies and so are not obligated to service the needs of one recruitment organisation over another.

We work with you as an individual, to provide you with honest and unbiased information in relation to current opportunities and where, from the information we know about you, will best suit your short and long term career aspirations.

If you haven’t spoken to Turnaround yet, call us or e-mail us, our details are on our Home Page.

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