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Resignation Advice

Although this can be a difficult and uncomfortable situation there are a number of things to keep in mind to make the process as painless, and professional as possible. You should endeavour to keep resignation simple, positive and professional – here’s how:

Submit your resignation in writing
This implies permanency and prevents you from being distracted in a conversation. Writing allows you to have greater control over the delivery of the message and reinforces the fact that you are actually leaving rather than using the situation as a tactic to re-negotiate your situation.

Make sure your current employers know
that you intend to assist them any way possible. By showing your manager and company consideration and respect, you leave the door open for future communication – be that a reference or a business association. You want people to remember you as being positive, professional and constructive - you never know when you might come across former colleagues.

If you are afraid of a hostile reaction,
submit your resignation at the end of the work day, so that you have greater control of the situation and any confrontation occurs in front of a limited audience.

If you're dealing with difficult personalities
it may be in your interest to avoid revealing where you are moving to. If you are pushed for information, politely communicate that you are leaving for an opportunity which better suits your aspirations.

You should never use your resignation
as an avenue to air any dissatisfaction with the company or individuals. The benefits of constructive criticism are no longer your responsibility and you run the risk of jeopardising any future contact with the company and its staff. Focus on any positive aspects of your time with the company and mention that you appreciated the opportunities presented during your time with the organisation. Close by wishing the company and your team well for the future.

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